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How Do Alkaline Ionised Water Work?

Before you get to know how alkaline water works you need to know about how the body works. The body is a combination of various systems that work in harmony to keep a person live and healthy. But when all these system work, all the cells in these systems grow, develop, multiply and die, they always release acidic waste. The most important fact is the health of the entire body hinges on the how those wastes are disposed, and the most crucial element for that going well is a pH balanced body. Waste disposal is very important because if that process stalls it will affect the health of the entire body.


The body already has a good waste disposal system and can deal with some issues, but when the issues persist for a long time that can affect the efficiency of the system. By the waste disposal system, it is not only about the digestive system we are talking about. It is about all the waste created by all the individual cells in the body that slowly get accumulated if it is not removed properly.

All wastes are acidic in nature and alkaline buffers are required in order to flush it out of the system. When those alkaline buffers are available in high quantities the cellular waste can easily be pushed out of our cells and the body can take care of the rest. This is because the only way acidic waste can be removed from the cells is by neutralizing them first. The dangerous thing here is that all the waste, all the acidic byproducts left behind by cell metabolism, if not removed, will cause the cells to die.


Usually the blood in your body has a pH level of 7.35. The body tries to keep it at this level as much as possible so when the cells create acidic waste the body does not let it enter the bloodstream until it is neutralized. So until that happens, the body keeps the waste trapped inside cells & tissues that can lead to various health issues.
Fat cells are one of the main cell types that the body uses to store this excess waste. Another way that the body deals with acidic waste is by converting it to uric acid crystals which is a form of solid waste. These crystals can sometimes get collected the joints and muscles and create a lot of pain to some people.
Lactic acid is another acidic byproduct that gets build up in your cells. This is mostly formed when you have a heavy workout and leaves you tired unless neutralized immediately. Cholesterol is another such component that gets made when cells metabolize. If you don’t have enough buffers they will build up, harden and get deposited under your skin and your blood vessels.
Letting these acidic wastes build up in your system can cause many health issues and long-term problems. So you need to try to release them asap.


The main benefit your body has by consuming alkaline water is that it helps to balance your body pH level. Water has no calories and is not digested so it can go directly to cells. With its low pH buffers alkaline water can neutralize the waste built up inside cells and help the body flush them away through the bloodstream.


Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than normal water which is acidic. When water is ionized it adds a negative charge into the minerals that is dissolved in the water. This happens with the anti-oxidants that get added during the ionization process. Having anti-oxidants in the water helps you to reduce the active oxygen that gets built up in your cells and tissues and can damage them.


Using an electric alkaline water machine is the best way to ionize water. Electric water ionizers also put a negative charge to all the natural minerals found in the water which makes it much easier for them to interact with the body and its natural processes. Electric water ionizers are much better at this compared to filter only devices. There are mineral based ionizer systems as well and they are a bit cheaper.