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Panasonic Water Purifier Sri Lanka

Panasonic Water Purifier TK-AS30 Water Filter with Cartridge

Brand: Panasonic 

Product Code: TK-AS30

Made In Japan

Type: Water Purifiers

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Estimated Arrival : 8-14 Days.


Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Description

Non-woven fabric and powdered activated carbon found in Panasonic Water Purifiers

The non-woven fabric in Panasonic Water Purifier TK-CS20 provides exceptional filtration performance to remove coarse particles of dirt. At the same time, the activated carbon, which has an outstanding self-cleansing effect, absorbs harmful substances such as red rust & mold. These 2 features work together to provide clean water. Its cartridge life checker lets you know when it’s time to replace the cartridge, so you won’t forget to replace in order to always have clean, safe water.

Key Features of Panasonic Water Purifier

6.0 Litre /Min Filtering Capacity

Long Cartridge Life 12,800 Litre For Residual Chlorine

Powdered Activated Carbon

Color: White

Type: Water Purifier

Filtering Capacity: 6.0L/min(1.6U.S.Gal/mln)[ lnitial data,Atpressureon 100kPa and temperature of 20°C]

Cartridge Filter Components: Powdered activated carbon,Non-woven fabric

Body Dimensions: Width 153X Depth 260 X Height 265

Feature: Powdered activated carbon (Non-woven fabric)