Prohealth Water Filters


Sarah Altman – Amazing Customer Service

Prohealth Water Filters gives an amazing after-sales service. I had been using my filtration system for about 3 years before the filtration system stated having issues. I called their customer service hotline they agreed to replace it asap as per the warranty and sure enough they were here within 24 hours and the system was up and running as good as new. Their efficiency of service was one of the best I’ve seen and would recommend them to anyone.

Luke Pinder – Great Options and Service

Prohealth Water Filters has some amazing options when it came to water filters. They were quite helpful when we were choosing a system for our office. Their installation was very prompt as well. The filter has been working without any hitches for over a year now. No complaints whatsoever.

Alex H. – Efficient Service

Would recommend Prohealth Water Filters to anyone. The Water filter we got worked perfectly for three years but got a problem just 3 days before the warranty period ended. No issues at all. They came the very next days and replaced the unit. Can’t ask for more


Grace Summers – Great Tasting Water

Got a Reverse Osmosis unit Prohealth Water Filters and it installed very easily in our kitchen. After drinking tap water my entire life I was blown away by how pure and clean the water from the unit tasted. Now I find it hard to drink water from other places because I smell the chlorine in those places very prominently.
The Unit is very easy to clean and I would recommend this unit to anyone.

Arul Prakash – Works great

We got an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system because we felt that the water coming to us from the municipal system was tasting odd, and sure enough after drinking water from the filtered unit we thought we are never going to go back to tap water. Prohealth was very efficient in their service and gave us good recommendation based on our needs. Quick Installation too.
We would recommend a RO system to anyone who thinks that their tap water might be tainted.


Colin De Silva – My fishes love it!

I have several aquarium tanks and the tap water we were using was very bad for my fish (Too low ph). I got to know about the Prohealth water systems and contacted them. They responded very quickly and made recommendations on the kind of filter systems that would be needed.
Within a week multiple systems were installed and the difference in the tanks was very obvious. My fishes were getting sick less often and none of my fishes are dying during water changing days. I love it.

Thank you Prohealth. Would Recommend them to anyone with aquariums.


Ruby H. – I love my water filter!

I was looking for ways to detox my body in addition to my food diet and this water filter system with alkaline water has been a miracle. Ever since I switched to alkaline water my acne has gone away and my stomach problems such as gastritis have reduced considerably. I can’t thank enough whoever invented this device.
Prohealth came and installed the system very quickly.